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Watch this video and more on IZZY – Stream Israel

Watch this video and more on IZZY – Stream Israel

Tech Talk

Crowdfunding, Virtual Reality Medicine & Assisted Renting


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  • Medical Cannabis Technology & Innovation

    Medical cannabis is taking the world by storm. Check out "CannaTech", a leading medical cannabis conference for technology entrepreneurs and discover bluetooth cannabis scanners, metered dosing vaporizers, and much more!

    Year: 2019
    Language: English
    Production: Tech Talk Media
    Hosts: Jonny Capla...

  • Flying Cars, Holographic Food & Auton...

    Meet Dr. Rafi Yoeli, the Howard Hughes of our time, who spent the last 30 years designing flying cars, taxis, and rescue vehicles. We go deep into his workshop to find out more. Also see holographic food menus and ordering, and drones that fly into burning buildings to warn the fire fighters befo...

  • Attack of the Drones, Planes & Car Ha...

    Drones have become increasingly popular today, but they also pose a big security threat to all. Meet the inventors of intelligent 360-degree drone defense systems worth millions of dollars. We also visit an aeronautics technology fund which is enhancing our air travel, and watch host Jonny Caplan...