Tech Talk

Tech Talk

12 Episodes

1 Season (12 Episodes)

Discover a world of technology and innovation that you never dreamt existed! "Tech Talk" takes you inside up-and-coming startups and ventures from Israel that are transforming our planet for the better. More than 50 cutting-edge Israeli tech companies are featured in the award-winning first season of "Tech Talk", hosted by Jonny Caplan and Jessy Katz.

Year: 2019
Language: English
Production: Tech Talk Media
Hosts: Jonny Caplan, Jessy Katz

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Tech Talk
  • Digital Music, Robots, Cyber Crime & Art

    Episode 1

    Host and executive producer Jonny Caplan shows why Israel is often referred to as "The Silicon Valley of the Middle East" or "Startup Nation" — and why it is one of the leading places to build and nurture a startup. Don’t miss the AI robots at the Curios Robots Lab at Tel Aviv University, and oth...

  • Work Dating, Coded Lego & Robot Companions

    Episode 2

    Hosts Jonny Caplan and Jessy Katz travel across Israel to find out what it took Danny from Algobrix to make supercharged coded Lego games, and Ron and the team to create their revolutionary employment matching app. We also meet ElliQ, the AI Robot companion, that was designed to engage and guard ...

  • Startup Incubators & Ethical Artificial Intelligence

    Episode 3

    Every startup needs some help, and incubators are a great way to get the resources you need, plus financial support. We visit "TechCode", a Chinese incubator based in Tel Aviv focused on AI, AR, VR, and mobility. Host Jonny Caplan meets Esther and finds out about her 30-year journey to ensure rob...

  • The Iron Dome, Reporters & Touch Technology

    Episode 4

    Meet the creators of the Iron Dome missile defense system, and see how they evolved into environmental technology and energy saving. Our entrepreneurs build amazing products, inspired by their surroundings. We take you to meet Dov and Hezy from Snappers TV, and the inspiring Gal and Gabe from Mul...

  • Crowdfunding, Virtual Reality Medicine & Assisted Renting

    Episode 5

    Raising money for your business from investors can be hard work, which is why many turn to crowdfunding and using the power of the internet. Jon Medved from OurCrowd tells us more. Hosts Jonny Caplan and Jessy Katz also visit VR Health and their incredible virtual reality tools for physicians, an...

  • Medical Cannabis Technology & Innovation

    Episode 6

    Medical cannabis is taking the world by storm. Check out "CannaTech", a leading medical cannabis conference for technology entrepreneurs and discover bluetooth cannabis scanners, metered dosing vaporizers, and much more!

    Year: 2019
    Language: English
    Production: Tech Talk Media
    Hosts: Jonny Capla...

  • Flying Cars, Holographic Food & Autonomous Firefighters

    Episode 7

    Meet Dr. Rafi Yoeli, the Howard Hughes of our time, who spent the last 30 years designing flying cars, taxis, and rescue vehicles. We go deep into his workshop to find out more. Also see holographic food menus and ordering, and drones that fly into burning buildings to warn the fire fighters befo...

  • Attack of the Drones, Planes & Car Hackings

    Episode 8

    Drones have become increasingly popular today, but they also pose a big security threat to all. Meet the inventors of intelligent 360-degree drone defense systems worth millions of dollars. We also visit an aeronautics technology fund which is enhancing our air travel, and watch host Jonny Caplan...

  • Creative Minds, Autonomous Cruising & 3D Surgery

    Episode 9

    Hosts Jessy Katz and Jonny Caplan take a visit to the campus of IDC Herzliya, one of Israel’s leading universities, and test out some cool new experimental research projects. We also take you to meet Cortex, one of the leaders behind autonomous self-driving car technology, and discover the innova...

  • AR Snowboarding, Surfing Freedom & Robotic Soccer

    Episode 10

    "RideOn" conceptualized their augmented reality snowboarding product while flying as fighter pilots and using similar technology in the Israel Defense Forces. We meet CEO and Founder Alon Getz. Also, discover how some governments block internet access, and the makers of tools to help them access ...

  • Drone Deliveries, Remote TV Scanners & Age Monitoring

    Episode 11

    Meet "Flytrex" and their intelligent drone delivery system for any business. Order your drone package, and it will be delivered by drone in no time. Host Jonny Caplan then visits WeWork in Tel Aviv to find an interesting startup that creates a TV scanner app to hear any audio on your phone from a...

  • Futuristic Zappers, Robot Washers & Brain Gaming

    Episode 12

    The series finale discovers five innovators who are really making headway. Ranging from futuristic scanners that can detect the quality and makeup of fruit, meat, pills, and other substances, to autonomous robot window washers that can scale tall buildings — plus mind-controlled games to assist w...