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Start-Up Confidential

Start-Up Confidential – Episode 11 - RFD


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    In a world of rapidly evolving technology, global companies must adapt and innovate to maintain their competitive edge. Episode 12 of "Startup: Confidential" revisits Purple Giant, a leading US tech company navigating the dynamic Israeli startup landscape. As they return to the scene post-Covid, ...

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    Our 13th episode of "Startup: Confidential" presents a glaring example of the latter scenario. We revisit the intriguing tale of, a startup that has consistently been overvalued and recently raised substantial financing from a private equity firm.

    Post-investment, private equity fir...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 14 - RTF

    Crises are the true litmus tests of a company's resilience and adaptability. They separate the wheat from the chaff, creating a stark division between those who weather the storm and those left floundering in its wake. In the aftermath of a financial crisis, this division is particularly pronounc...