Start-Up Confidential

Start-Up Confidential

17 Episodes

Introducing 'Startup: Confidential' - Your backstage pass to the startup world's inner workings. Join Nimrod, a seasoned startup consultant, and his tech-savvy friend Jordan, as they candidly discuss the journeys of four groundbreaking startups: Jive Travel, Arbitrary Incidental,, and Purple Giant. Delve into the drama, challenges, and triumphs faced by these companies - from raising funds to navigating unforeseen obstacles like the Covid-19 pandemic, and finally, achieving successful exits. Unlike traditional documentaries, this series unfolds over drinks, offering an authentic insider's perspective. With Nimrod's extensive experience working with 500+ companies, no secret is left untold. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, 'Startup: Confidential' is your go-to source for real-world startup wisdom. Grab a drink, tune in, and learn from the best

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Start-Up Confidential
  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 1 - The Last Founder

    Episode 1

    As an entrepreneur, one of the most challenging situations you may encounter is when a founder leaves your startup. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as a disagreement on the direction of the company, a change in personal circumstances, or even a loss of passion for the project.

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 2 - Moving on Up

    Episode 2

    Start-Up Confidential – Moving on Up:
    This is a company founded by two founders, both tech-orientated (one product, one AI expert) with past experience as failing founders, who are keen to always learn from their mistakes. They employ excellent decision-making methods and constantly assess and re...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 3 - The Safe Way

    Episode 3

    As a startup founder, securing funding is one of the biggest challenges you'll face. And while SAFE investments might seem like an easy and straightforward option, it's important to be aware of the potential pitfalls.
    One of the biggest issues with post-money cap SAFEs is that they can end up pro...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 4 - In On The Fun

    Episode 4

    In this Episode of Start-Up Confidential, we dive deeper into Purple Giant's journey as they navigate the Israeli tech scene. The episode showcases the exciting and challenging moments as the US big-tech company makes its initial forays into the Startup Nation, offering a unique perspective on t...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 5 - My First Acquihire

    Episode 5

    Startup on Startup Action
    Acquiring another startup as a startup is a unique and complex challenge in the world of mergers and acquisitions. When a startup acquires another startup, there are several unique challenges involved, including inexperience in buying companies, the risk of failure, and ...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 6 - Learning The Ropes

    Episode 6

    All the Gossip on Corporate Venture Capital
    Corporate venture capital (CVC) is a growing trend in the world of venture capital, with more and more corporations setting up CVC arms to invest in startups. Unlike traditional venture capital firms, CVCs are backed by established corporations and have...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 7 - Crap or Get Off the Pot

    Episode 7

    Starting a new business is an exciting yet challenging experience. The early stages of a pre-funded startup can be particularly daunting as founders must navigate a variety of decisions that will shape the trajectory of their company. One of the most important decisions is whether or not to join ...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 8 - Runaway Valuation

    Episode 8

    Raising capital is a crucial step in the growth of any startup. Founders often face tough decisions about when and how to raise money, and at what valuation. But what happens when the valuation is set too high, beyond what the business can realistically support? This is known as a "runaway valuat...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 9 - Force Majeure

    Episode 9

    The world of startups is full of uncertainties and unexpected challenges. Whether it's a sudden change in market conditions or a global force "majeure" event like the COVID-19 pandemic, startups must be prepared to adapt and respond quickly. In episode 9 of Startup Confidential, we follow the sto...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 10 - My First Secondary

    Episode 10

    As a startup founder, raising capital is a crucial step towards achieving growth and success. In the complex world of startup financing, understanding the motivations of different types of investors can be the key to avoiding pitfalls and securing the best deal for your company. Episode 10 of "St...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 11 - RFD

    Episode 11

    In the unpredictable journey of entrepreneurship, desperate times can lead founders to make hasty decisions with long-lasting consequences. Episode 11 of "Startup: Confidential" delves into the treacherous world of abusive finders and deceptive angel investors, as we follow the story of Jive Trav...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 12 - ITP

    Episode 12

    In a world of rapidly evolving technology, global companies must adapt and innovate to maintain their competitive edge. Episode 12 of "Startup: Confidential" revisits Purple Giant, a leading US tech company navigating the dynamic Israeli startup landscape. As they return to the scene post-Covid, ...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 13 - OGN

    Episode 13

    Our 13th episode of "Startup: Confidential" presents a glaring example of the latter scenario. We revisit the intriguing tale of, a startup that has consistently been overvalued and recently raised substantial financing from a private equity firm.

    Post-investment, private equity fir...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 14 - RTF

    Episode 14

    Crises are the true litmus tests of a company's resilience and adaptability. They separate the wheat from the chaff, creating a stark division between those who weather the storm and those left floundering in its wake. In the aftermath of a financial crisis, this division is particularly pronounc...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 15 - GYZ

    Episode 15

    Navigating the entrepreneurial journey often means venturing into unfamiliar territories, sometimes literally. When companies are pushed to expand into new markets with distinct cultures, the challenges can seem insurmountable. Yet, it is these experiences that can also provide unique opportuniti...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 16 - SNM

    Episode 16

    Every entrepreneurial journey is laced with dreams of grandeur and visions of triumphant exits. However, reality often scripts a different tale. Sometimes, the exit strategy that unfolds may not be the dream ending that was envisioned, but a necessary compromise that offers a much-needed respite ...

  • Start-Up Confidential – Episode 17 - TBE

    Episode 17

    The entrepreneurial journey, filled with countless twists and turns, often culminates in an event of significant magnitude - an exit. But not all exits are created equal. Some exits manifest as a carefully orchestrated dance, a testament to strategic planning and execution. This is the 'textbook ...