Who Died?

Who Died?

10 Episodes

Being a new couple is challenging enough – learning to live with and love each other's idiosyncrasies – let alone when each person is also fighting for their own life.
Eran is a recently-diagnosed and downtrodden single man, while Michal is a longtime cancer survivor, a woman who lives out loud and devours life.
They unexpectedly meet at the cancer ward while battling their diagnosis in very different ways. Their connection sparks a journey that runs the full gamut of emotions - funny, bittersweet, scary but mostly full of love and optimism.
Who Died? is inspired by the life story of its creator, Eyal Altawil, a stand-up comedian, lecturer and author of the best-selling novel The Cancer is Dying of Laughter.
Created by: Eyal Eltawil, Sarel Piterman, Yogev Yefet Inspired by the life of Eyal Eltawil
Directed by: Yogev Yefet
Written by: Sarel Piterman
Additional Writing: Yogev Yefet, Elad Chen
Production Company: yes TV, Artza Productions (The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem, Stockholm) Executive Producers: Dafna Prenner, Shai Eines
Associate Producer: Michael Tapuach
Director of Photography: Alon Lutsky
Editor: Sergio Liberman
Art Director: Jeremy Jaffe
Original Soundtrack: Erez Russo
Sound Design & Mix: Ami Arad
Ori Atia (Eran)
Lihi Kornowski (Michal) Orly Silbersatz (Shoshana) Yigal Adika (Netanya)
Kuti Sabag (Moshiko) Moriya Ben-Harush (Merav) Meshi Kleinstein (Adar) Shlomi Tapiero (Dr. Amir)

Who Died?
  • Who Died? – Episode 1

    Episode 1

    Eran Levy didn't think his life could get any worse until he found out he has cancer. Specifically, Ewing Sarcoma, which has a high mortality rate. One month after his diagnosis, Eran refuses to face reality. He's addicted to
    powerful painkillers and fights to keep up with his daily routine. In t...

  • Who Died? – Episode 2

    Episode 2

    Eran must be accompanied to his bone marrow biopsy,
    but Michal is the only one who knows about his illness. She
    begins her recurring cancer treatment at the same time as
    he does, so he is forced to discuss his situation with his
    anxious friend, Shiki, who doesn't take it very well. Eran
    attends M...

  • Who Died? – Episode 3

    Episode 3

    Eran is looking for a "right moment" to tell his family about cancer. He learns in his flesh that there is no good way to tell and the truth is liberating. Michal, on the other hand, is looking for new thrills.

  • Who Died? – Episode 4

    Episode 4

    Eran's loving and suffocating family takes over the care of him. Eran realizes that Michal does not want him and is looking for another girl to comfort in her arms.

  • Who Died? – Episode 5

    Episode 5

    Eran is hospitalized in the oncology department for tests. Eran is not accustomed to the pace and procedures of the department and very quickly finds himself quarreling with everyone. Michal tries to help him.

  • Who Died? – Episode 6

    Episode 6

    Eran is informed by Prof. Hecht that he must undergo
    surgery immediately. Micheal encourages Eran to have the
    surgery as soon as possible, but he can't handle the news and
    refuses, and a loud argument erupts between them. Eran is
    tormented by the diagnosis, and he runs from the hospital,

  • Who Died? – Episode 7

    Episode 7

    Eran's tumor is removed after a long and complicated
    operation. The successful surgery has given him
    renewed optimism and strength. Michal is informed by
    Dr. Amir that her cancer has reached stage four after
    the chemotherapy failed. Eran's ex-girlfriend Adar, a
    successful TV actress, arrives for ...

  • Who Died? – Episode 8

    Episode 8

    Eran takes Michal on a romantic getaway to help cope
    with her serious condition. For the first time in a long
    time, they can feel free of cancer after taking on a new
    identity. Michael and Eran's romance is blossoming,
    wine is poured, and love is in the air - until Eran
    discovers that Michal turn...

  • Who Died? – Episode 9

    Episode 9

    During the chemotherapy treatments, Eran must freeze his
    sperm to improve his chances of having his own children. As
    his future closes in on him, his anxiety increases. After he
    cannot convince Michal to take the experimental treatment in
    Boston, the relationship ends. Michael realizes she doesn'...

  • Who Died? – Episode 10

    Episode 10

    Michal is accepted to the experimental treatment, but there is
    only one problem: it is very expensive. To raise funds for the
    treatment, the couple decides to stage a fake wedding. A
    flash marriage takes Eran on a journey against all odds to save
    Michal's life, and then she asks him to marry her,...