IZZY Weekly Schedule

IZZY Weekly Schedule

IZZY Weekly Schedule
  • Samira

    Samira is 40 years old, she is a married woman and a mother and lives a normal life in Judea and Samaria. One day she travels to a coffee shop in Israeli territory in order to blow herself up there. The bomb planted in her body does not explode and she is forced to throw it inside the shop, where...

  • The Amazing Journey

    5 seasons

    Season 1 (7 Episodes)
    Season 2 (6 Episodes)
    Season 3 (5 Episodes)
    Season 4 (7 Episodes)
    Season 5 (9 Episodes)

    This docu-reality series follows Gidi Gov and Yisrael Aharoni, two A-list Israeli celebrities, through various countries all around the world, as they explore cultures, their history, re...

  • Restart - Episode 7

  • The Opportunity

    Married to a star-picker who aimed for the sun and failed, a woman deals with the consequences of her man's shattering ego. Could any of her efforts put him back together again?

    Year: 2015
    Language: English
    Director: Tatia Rosenthal
    Producer: Tatia Rosenthal
    Starring: Alex Karpovsky, Tzahi Grad

  • Relocation

    1 season

    1 Season (6 Episodes)

    Three different types of Israeli families relocate to various parts of the world — Mexico, Germany, and Bulgaria — in this reality series, exclusively on IZZY.

    Year: 2019
    Language: Hebrew, English subtitles (use CC to activate)
    Director: Tzvika Binder
    Producer: Ephrati Pro...

  • Sustainable Nation

    In a world where water is everything, three Israeli innovators are applying water technology to an increasingly thirsty planet.

    Year: 2019
    Languages: English & Hebrew, English subtitles
    Director: Micah Smith
    Producers: Rebecca Shore, David Coleman, Raphael Shore, Mitchell R. Julis

  • Insights - Israel & The Middle East - Episode 8 - Biblical Roots

    Israel made the desert bloom; and today it maintains a thriving agricultural industry.

    Year: 2021
    Language: English, English subtitles (use CC to activate)
    Director: Segev Shaw
    Producers: Samuel Smadja, Mati Shoshani