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The Life and Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin


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  • Top 10 Facts About Shimon Peres

    When he died in 2016, aged 93, Shimon Peres was a beloved older statesman and something of a worldwide celebrity. But there was far more to Peres than the adored status of his later years. He wasn’t always the popular man of the people, and as he proved, the path to peace doesn’t always run smoot...

  • Eli Cohen: The Mossad's Master Spy

    Did you know that one of Israel’s greatest heroes went by the name of Kamel Amin Thaabet? It sounds unlikely, but this was actually the pseudonym of Mossad agent extraordinaire, Eli Cohen, who infiltrated the Syrian power elite in the 1960s and used his privileged position to send confidential pl...

  • Women of the Refuseniks

    In this episode, we examine the role of the women who stood up in defense of Soviet Jews and those women denied the right to leave the USSR. The story began in 1971 when the plight of one Jewish woman in Russia galvanized Jewish women the world over to stand up and protest — with incredible resul...