6 Episodes

A 6-episode drama, inspired by true events, surrounding the newly elected Israeli President. As he enters his role, he slowly develops a close relationship with OSHRAT, a young female worker at the presidential estate. Their relationship diverts into severe sexual assaults, to the point that Oshrat cannot take it anymore, so she confronts the president and demands a fee for her silence.

AVINOAM, a close advisor to the president, suggests that they should file a bribery complaint, but in the background, there is suspicion there might be a bigger story behind the ordeal. Avinoam is starting a whole defaming campaign against Oshrat, which raises the interest of AVIGAIL. Avigail was the communications aid to the president at his previous role as a minister in the Israeli government and is now Avinoam's lover. Avigail decides to break her own silence, for what she had suppressed for many years, she is also one of the president's victims.

Avigail exposes the truth bravely. The police dig into the story, but despite all efforts by YANA, the lead detective on the case, they are having a hard time to reach a bill of indictment on the case: Oshrat comes off as not credible, Avigail's case goes into statute of limitation, and other women are afraid to speak out. SHULA, the president's wife does not disclose her feelings, even though she's deeply hurt by his behavior. It appears the case is falling apart, and the president is offered a plea deal with very comfortable terms. With the advice of his mother, MARSEL, the president refuses to sign on the plea and demands to get justice in court, to clear his name. He is unaware that there is another victim ready to speak. ESTER, a former worker at his office, has a testimony that alludes to sever sexual harassment and even a case of a rape. The president's defense team attempts to question Ester's painful memories of the abuse, until Avigail is called to testify, bringing to light the systematic, vicious, cycle of assault the president and his close ring have been running for years. The president's mislead decision to refuse the plea deals and not admit his actions, paired with the courageous testimonies of his victims, bring him to his conviction and the imprisonment of a running Israeli president for many years.

  • UNSILENCED | Episode 1 – Oshrat

    Episode 1

    A new President moves into the Presidential residence, as Oshrat, a new employee, starts working with him. They form an excellent professional relationship, and a close, warm personal bond. But all that changes when the President tells her he'd fallen in love with her.
    When Oshrat refuses his sex...

  • UNSILENCED | Episode 2 – Avinoam

    Episode 2

    Avinoam wants to take his relationship with Avigail, his much-loved partner and the Communications Advisor for the Minister of Finance, one step further. The President calls him urgently, tells him about the meeting with Oshrat and plays him the recording. Avinoam tries to spin it around, and tha...

  • UNSILENCED | Episode 3 – Avigail

    Episode 3

    Avigail sees how Avinoam, runs a defamation campaign against Oshrat, who was the first to file an official complaint against the President. The campaign affects the better judgment of the Attorney General and the Attorney's Office, and they consider dropping the case. Yana feels there is a bigger...

  • UNSILENCED | Episode 4 – Shula

    Episode 4

    Shula, the President's wife, is deeply upset by the allegations. She struggles to stand by his side when he's called over to the police station for a confrontation with Oshrat. The President shows up confident and fully prepared, which throws Oshrat completely off balance, and she storms out emot...

  • UNSILENCED | Episode 5 – The President

    Episode 5

    It looks again like the President is coming up trumps and unharmed, but then it turns out that for the case to be closed he must sign a plea bargain tailored for him by his attorney, Rosenfeld. The bargain is extremely favoring of the President, the rape and severe sexual assaults charges have be...

  • UNSILENCED | Episode 6 – We Will Not Be Silenced

    Episode 6

    The press conference is stormy and filled with back-and-forth accusations, the President loses his composure. Esther, who worked at his office when he was a Minister decides to speak up, and files a rape complaint against him. Her complaint results in an indictment for rape and other sexual abuse...