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5 Episodes

‘Transkids’ is the result of four years of intimate and deep documentation of four teenagers and their families, shedding a brand new light on the personal and social impacts and implications of youth gender re-assigning - a subject which has been and still is controversial and delicate world wide, and even more so in Israel.

Year: 2020
Language: Hebrew, English subtitles
Director: Hilla Medalia
Producers: Hilla Medalia, Ronny Merdinger, Erez Laufer
Writer: Hilla Medalia

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  • I'm Finally Alive

    Episode 1

    Ofri is debating whether to tell his boyscout troops that he is transgender. Liron is preparing for a fertility preservation procedure. Noam and his family debate the religious questions concerning being transgender.

    Year: 2019
    Language: Hebrew, English subtitles (use CC to activate)
    Director: H...

  • Irreversible

    Episode 2

    Liron arrives at the hospital suffering unbearable pain. Romi continues to prepare for the beauty contest. Noam reveals a secret blog he wrote in which he shared his feelings before he was out of the closet.

    Year: 2019
    Language: Hebrew, English subtitles (use CC to activate)
    Director: Hilla Med...

  • Right Foot Forward

    Episode 3

    Ofri enters the operating room, his mother waits outside and remembers the day she came to the hospital and gave birth to a daughter. The day of the competition comes for Romi. Will she fulfill her dream of becoming the first transgender beauty queen?

    Year: 2019
    Language: Hebrew, English subtit...

  • Transkids - Blessed Is He Who Has Made Me According to His Will

    Episode 4

    Liron undergoes his mastectomy. Noam sits down with his rabbi, they have an honest conversation about acceptance, community, about boundaries of religious law, and Noam's ability to pray more deeply, now that he feels complete.

    Year: 2019
    Language: Hebrew, English subtitles (use CC to activate)

  • Not Kids Anymore

    Episode 5

    Noam talks to his brother about the army and he expresses concerns about the system's readiness to deal with a transgender soldier. Liron decides that the military structure is not right for him and thinks about what he could do instead.

    Year: 2019
    Language: Hebrew, English subtitles (use CC to ...