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Watch this video and more on IZZY – Stream Israel


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Up Next in Student Films

  • The Egg

    All that Noa wants is to become a mother. But when her husband leaves on a business trip, she has a miscarriage. Too afraid to tell her husband the bad news, Noa resorts to desperate measures to have a baby, even if it means doing so unnaturally.

    Year: 2016
    Language: Hebrew, English subtitles

  • RoacH

    This animated short film takes place in nuclear-apocalypse threatened Tel Aviv, featuring Penny, a lonely young woman, and Izzy, her shy yet voyeuristic neighbor.

    Year: 2016
    Language: Hebrew language, English subtitles
    Director: Jonathan Hashiloni
    Producer: Jonathan Hashiloni

  • Shmelky

    Children’s TV star Shmelky the Jewish Puppet has a midlife crisis and considers a change of career.

    Year: 2018
    Language: Hebrew, English subtitles
    Director: Raanan Rosenbaum
    Producer: Lihi Sabag
    Writer: Raanan Rosenbaum
    Starring: Dotan Elad, Idan Amit, Lior Naor