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Watch this video and more on IZZY – Stream Israel

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Up Next in SHORTIME — The Israeli Short Film Collection

  • True to Life

    In the near future, humanity has reached a pinnacle in Robotics Science: the ability to create an anatomically exact duplicate of human beings… But are they true to life?

    Year: 2011
    Language: Hebrew, English subtitles
    Director: Assaf Ehrenreich
    Producers: Yuval Greenfield, Rom Weissman, Yuval Ka...

  • Two of Every Kind

    The flood, one of the most colossal events in the history of mankind. Two of every kind, two of every living thing, went inside of Noah’s Ark in order to save themselves. Not many know but amongst the couples were also two male peacocks. In this extraordinary stop-motion animation, we can see the...

  • Everlasting Longing

    Tang poetry and moments in Xien City, China.

    Year: 2015
    Language: Mandarin, English subtitles
    Director: Maya Meiri
    Producers: Ding Ning, Fan Jin