3 Episodes

How did a controversial rabbi who passed away more than 200 years ago become the most influential figure in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews? How did a small cult of persecuted devotees who were nicknamed "The Dead Hasidim" become the biggest spiritual movement in Judaism today? "Rabenu" (Our Rabbi) delves into the most fascinating phenomenon in the Jewish world in the past decades: From the jumpers in the streets, the celebrities, Mizrahi & Ashkenazi Jews, intellectuals and hipsters, ultra-Orthodox Jews, to the dangerous criminals, all of these are brought together by one Jewish man simply referred to as Rabenu – that man is Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. In a special and surprising contemporary cinematic language, "Rabenu" brings to the screen the magic of one of Judaism's most mysterious Hasidic rabbis.

Year: 2020
Languages: English & Hebrew, English subtitles
Director: Ori Gruder
Producer: Yoav Leshem

  • Rabenu - Part 1 - I'm a Wonder Man

    Episode 1

    Unveiling the enigmatic character of Rabbi Nachman, founder of the Breslov Hasidism, who was ahead of his time and only 200 years after his death became one of the most influential figures in modern Judaism. What is the secret of the man who described himself as a mysterious wonder man?

    Year: 20...

  • Rabenu - Part 2 - A Fire Burns in Breslov

    Episode 2

    Rabbi Nachman intentionally did not leave a successor, and his few
    persecuted followers were nicknamed "The Dead Hasidim". How did they
    manage to survive and build their Hasidic dynasty in Israel? What happened to Breslov following the rise of charismatic Rabbis, who swept away a diversified publ...

  • Rabenu - Series Finale - Part 3 - Hall of Changing Shades

    Episode 3

    How did Rabbi Nachman turn from a controversial figure to one of the most iconic figures in all social, religious, and cultural sectors in Israel? What were the reasons that made Israelis from different ethnic groups and socioeconomic status become closer to Breslov? What makes hundreds of thousa...