One on One

One on One

8 Episodes

1 Season (8 Episodes)

Motti (Tomer Kapon) is a 28-year-old private tutor for struggling high-school students. Each student he visits has a life that’s complicated and broken in its own unique way – they are teenagers who have trouble keeping up with their schoolwork and who call for guidance, a sympathetic ear, and help in both studies and life. As Motti tries to help his students with their problems, his own life is falling apart after his mother’s death in a car accident. In helping these kids navigate school, family, the army, and even their dreams, Motti begins to heal his own deep emotional wounds and find new meaning in his life. It is through these lessons that he regains a sense of place, of being needed again, of living a life that has meaning. To keep himself busy, he also starts working at a coffee shop, where he meets Ma’ayan. He knows she is his future wife, but she is actually engaged to someone else. Between the private lessons and his job at a coffee shop, Motti also tries to mend his relationship with his father, who abandoned the family when he was young.

This program may contain strong language, nudity, and/or violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Year: 2020
Language: Hebrew, English subtitles (use CC to activate)
Director: Matan Yair
Producer: Yaron Scharf
Starring: Tomer Kapon, Shira Geffen, Yiftach Klein, Marek Rozenbaum, Nimrod Hochenberg, Naama Cohen, Alon Ben Loulou, Daniel Muyal, Asaf Amar

One on One
  • One on One - Episode 1 - Mom's Back

    Episode 1

    Motti and his siblings face the death of their mother while struggling with the fact that the oldest son is relocating to the states and urges Motti to get back in touch with their father. While his family is falling apart, he needs new students to tutor, and also some love won't hurt – so he sta...

  • One on One - Episode 2 - Good Luck, Motti

    Episode 2

    Motti starts taking interest in Maayan and in turn she starts taking interest in his writing. For the first time he comes to visit his fathers to help. He trains Itamar for the IDF drafting – finding he should tell him more of what not to mention about himself.

    This program may contain strong la...

  • One on One - Episode 3 - Figurative Problems

    Episode 3

    Motti meets Maayan for a walk on the beach – they meet her parents by chance and he gets invited to her wedding. The class he tutors for graduation exams start betting with him about the material that'll show on the test. Motti throws away his late mother's belonging and realizes he still has a f...

  • One on One - Episode 4 - It's 20 Billion

    Episode 4

    Danny thinks Motti and Maayan's relationship is platonic, even though Maayan invited Motti to a date. In the date, Motti and Maayan go searching for the lottery ticket Avigdor forgot on the last bus.

    This program may contain strong language, nudity, and/or violence. Viewer discretion is advised....

  • One on One - Episode 5 - More Laughing More Dancing

    Episode 5

    Motti and Maayan meet at the beach. Motti tells Maayan he only had three girlfriends and she tell him she had a lot of boyfriends. Motti and Aviv try an exercise in which they visualize how would they be in ten years – Motti, who didn't think she'd make him tell her what he wrote, can't resist an...

  • One on One - Episode 6 - Sex and Signs

    Episode 6

    Motti and Maayan are a great fit astrologically, but she's not going to cancel her wedding. Motti waits for Danny to pay him but Danny's mother didn't seem to know he kept tutoring him. The study group gets to the graduation exam and learn that their bet didn't pay off – the test is on the rest o...

  • One on One - Episode 7 - We Fell Down in Be'er Sheva

    Episode 7

    Avigdor falls in his apartment and Motti has to take care of him. He calls Maayan and feels everything is mixing up: his emotions for her, his dad's condition and his mother's death. Avigdor recovers to a great surprise and to celebrate they do a barbecue every day.

    This program may contain stro...

  • One on One - Series Finale - Episode 8 - Forbidden Loves

    Episode 8

    Motti gets an offer for a permanent job to teach in a high school and as a bonus for Danny's good grades he gets a discount on books from Danny's mom. On Maayan's wedding day Motti tells his father about his love for her.

    This program may contain strong language, nudity, and/or violence. Viewer ...