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NFCT Human-Interest Documentaries

NFCT Human-Interest Documentaries

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NFCT Human-Interest Documentaries
  • Tomorrow's Gone

    Gabi Abudraham, a dreamy young man from Beit She’an who is obsessed with Elvis and virtuoso musical virtues, creates an eccentric character named Charlie Megira and sets out on a rocky musical journey to conquer the world while fighting demons from the past.

    Year: 2019
    Language: Hebrew, English

  • Life According to Ohad

    Ohad is an animal-rights activist. After years of being cut off from his family, he tries to heal the wounds and go home, but their decision to eat meat still stands in his way.

    Year: 2014
    Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles
    Director: Eric Daniel Erlich
    Producers: Haggai Arad, Elad Peleg

  • One Day After Peace

    Born in South Africa during the apartheid era, Robi Damelin later lost her son, who served in the Israel Defense Forces. At first she attempted to initiate a dialogue with the Palestinian who killed her child. When her overtures were rejected, she embarked on a journey back to South Africa.


  • Do They Catch Children Too

    The children of illegal workers in Israel live out their seemingly normal everyday lives in the shadow of the constant fear of deportation. This film focuses on the world of the children of illegal foreign workers who are forced to deal with a complex reality which includes tough questions regard...

  • Not Kids Anymore

    Noam talks to his brother about the army and he expresses concerns about the system's readiness to deal with a transgender soldier. Liron decides that the military structure is not right for him and thinks about what he could do instead.

    Year: 2019
    Language: Hebrew, English subtitles (use CC to ...