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In-Laws - Episode 19 - Hangover



  • Netiva

    "Netiva" is a captivating documentary film that explores the life of Netiva Ben-Yehuda, a remarkable woman who made an indelible mark on the history of Israel. Through a series of insightful conversations with family, friends, and colleagues, director Lena Chaplin paints a vivid portrait of a wom...

  • Oy Mama

    "Oy Mama" is a touching film that tells the story of 95-year-old Holocaust survivor Fira, who is not only Noa Maiman's grandmother but also the adopted grandmother of 4-year-old Firita. Set in modern-day Israel, this moving documentary explores two entwined storylines that converge in Fira's life...

  • Murder at Cinema North

    Set in 1957 in the newly-formed state of Israel, Murder in the Cinema North is a gripping tale of forgiveness and the haunting legacy of the Holocaust. After attempting to rob the Cinema North cashier, young Holocaust survivor Tommy Blitz kills Italian-Jewish engineer Fidia Fiatelli, shocking the...