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My Life in 60 Seconds

My Life in 60 Seconds

6 Episodes

In Season One, Zvika, who plays himself, is at a point in his career where he feels like he’s lost everything. For many years, he was in the heart of primetime, the founder and host of Israeli Idol, a popular actor and gifted comedian. Now, at the age of 50, the network has replaced him with a younger host, and he is extremely troubled, professionally speaking. Alternatively, as he says to his good friend Gal, “I want my 30% ratings back.” The season follows Zvika’s complicated home life, alongside his career crossroads, leading up to the big comeback at the end of the season.

2 new episodes each week (8 episodes total)

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My Life in 60 Seconds
  • My Life in 60 Seconds - Has Been

    Episode 1

    The episode introduces Zvika, the characters in his life, and the comedic format element of the 60 seconds per scene. Zvika feels he’s hit the “has-been” stage of his life. Everyone on the street keeps asking him why he’s disappeared, and the network keeps making insulting suggestions such as t...

  • My Life in 60 Seconds - The Boyfriend

    Episode 2

    Zvika is stunned to discover his 17-year-old daughter’s boyfriend, a young soldier, is spending
    the night at their house. He tries to find out if they’re having sex. Meanwhile, he is up for a part
    in a quality feature film, playing Noam Shalit, the real-life father of Gilad Shalit, a soldier who

  • My Life in 60 Seconds - Oh, Zechariah

    Episode 3

    Yardena’s husband (Zvika and Lettie’s housekeeper) passes away after struggling with an illness, and she asks Zvika to eulogize him at the funeral. Zvika, who can’t stand Yardena's and never even met her husband. Meanwhile in his career, Zvika has a lot on his mind, he’s up for an international ...

  • My Life in 60 Seconds - It Happened on Hanukkah

    Episode 4

    Zvika is forced to play the part of a puppy in a Hanukah play at his son’s kindergarten, but he is unwilling to perform in front of one of the other kids’ fathers; an evil television critic who wrote a scathing review of Zvika’s sitcom years ago, calling him “artistic feces.” Lettie tries to get ...

  • My Life in 60 Seconds - Sign Here

    Episode 5

    Zvika is acting in the stage version of Rain Man at the national theater, and gets to spend his time each day with theater actors. When they ask him to sign a petition against the Israeli occupation and Zvika refuses, he becomes the enemy of the cast, and they will do anything in their power to ...

  • My Life in 60 Seconds - The Rabbi

    Episode 6

    Zvika is worried about a high-pressure audition to play the Israeli Prime Minister on the American show House of Cards. Meanwhile, he is in rehearsals for a two-person show he is putting on with Orna Banai, a leading lesbian comedian, and he’s starting to suspect there’s a romance brewing between...