MY – By Yulie Cohen

MY – By Yulie Cohen

4 Episodes

"My Terrorist" (2002) is the first in a trilogy of films by Yulie Cohen, and describes her reconciliation process with Fahad Mihyi, who shot her in London in 1978. Her next film was "My Land Zion" (2004), the second in the trilogy, which depicts Cohen's personal journey across Israel, through three generations of two families: Her parents, from the Palmach generation, and her daughters; Shula Golani, a Holocaust survivor, and her historian son, Motti Golani; and Ruti Gilis, who lives in the illegal settlement Karmei Tsur. "My Brother" (2007), the third installation of the trilogy, follows Cohen's attempts to reconcile with her brother, who adopted Orthodox Jewish religion and lifestyle in the 1980s, and lives in Bnei Brak, an extremely Orthodox city, with his six children, and their children.

This program may contain strong language, nudity, and/or violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Languages: English & Hebrew, English
Director: Yulie Cohen Gerstel
Producer: Yulie Cohen Gerstel

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MY – By Yulie Cohen
  • My Terrorist

    Episode 1

    — "My Terrorist" is the first in a trilogy of films by Yulie Cohen —

    This is a story of a girl who dreamt of being an officer in the IDF, who was a great patriot and who was shot and wounded in a 1978 terrorist attack on an El Al flight crew in London. Now a grown woman with daughters of her own...

  • My Land Zion

    Episode 2

    — "My Land Zion" is the second in a trilogy of films by Yulie Cohen —

    What young woman would leave New York to have her first child in a war zone? Who would choose to give birth in a place where kids get blown up riding on school buses or sitting in cafés? Where thousands of 18-years-olds kill o...

  • My Brother

    Episode 3

    — "My Brother" is the third in a trilogy of films by Yulie Cohen —

    How can peace in the Middle East prevail, if it cannot in a family? More than 25 years have gone by since Yulie's brother turned into an ultra-Orthodox Jew and lost contact. This story is a persistent journey towards an understan...

  • My Israel - Revisiting the Trilogy

    Episode 4

    Yulie Cohen revisits her critically acclaimed trilogy with a new perspective and additional footage. "My Israel" is an account of remarkable courage and understanding set against the last turbulent decade of Israeli history.

    Year: 2008
    Language: Hebrew, English subtitles
    Director: Yulie Cohen