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Weird Ways Israel Won Its War of Independence

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  • The 35 Soldiers Who Never Returned Home

    The months leading up to Israel’s War of Independence brought an incredible, tragic story of the Convoy of 35, known in Hebrew as HaLamed Heh. Sent to protect and relieve the besieged inhabitants of Gush Etzion, 35 brave young men set out on a daring mission in January 1948. None of them made it ...

  • Israel's First Special Ops Unit

    Created by General Moshe Dayan and Colonel Ariel Sharon, Unit 101's groundbreaking tactics are employed today by special ops forces around the world. But, in its brief existence, Unit 101 became embroiled in controversy that had (and still has) many questioning what actions can be justified when ...

  • The Ship That Almost Sank Israel

    In 1948, Israel faced many threats, but one of the defining moments of the War of Independence came from an internal threat that almost led to civil war. We’re talking about the Altalena affair. This event pitted two of Israel’s greatest leaders against each other in an unprecedented power strugg...