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In Defense of Israel

In Defense of Israel

10 Episodes

OpenDor Media unpacks the history of Israel’s military triumphs, trials, and tribulations.

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In Defense of Israel
  • Pre-IDF Brigades

    Episode 1

    This is one of the more difficult periods in Israeli history, and a subject that raises a lot of questions. After all, we aren’t talking about polite squabbles. This was real life-on-the-line-type of disagreements between Jewish groups that led to intimidation, violence, and even assassinations a...

  • Weird Ways Israel Won Its War of Independence

    Episode 2

    While today's IDF is a force to be reckoned with, in its early days, Israel's military might was pretty much non-existent. Above all odds, though, this makeshift army performed heroic and miraculous feats which turned the tide in the war and guaranteed the existence of the fledgling State of Isra...

  • The 35 Soldiers Who Never Returned Home

    Episode 3

    The months leading up to Israel’s War of Independence brought an incredible, tragic story of the Convoy of 35, known in Hebrew as HaLamed Heh. Sent to protect and relieve the besieged inhabitants of Gush Etzion, 35 brave young men set out on a daring mission in January 1948. None of them made it ...

  • Israel's First Special Ops Unit

    Episode 4

    Created by General Moshe Dayan and Colonel Ariel Sharon, Unit 101's groundbreaking tactics are employed today by special ops forces around the world. But, in its brief existence, Unit 101 became embroiled in controversy that had (and still has) many questioning what actions can be justified when ...

  • The Ship That Almost Sank Israel

    Episode 5

    In 1948, Israel faced many threats, but one of the defining moments of the War of Independence came from an internal threat that almost led to civil war. We’re talking about the Altalena affair. This event pitted two of Israel’s greatest leaders against each other in an unprecedented power strugg...

  • The Yom Kippur War: When Israel Almost Fell

    Episode 6

    In 1973, Israel was caught off guard (sort of), unprepared, and faced massive casualties. Its very existence was called into question. How did this happen? Why didn’t Prime Minister Golda Meir manage to pull off the same kind of preemptive tactics as in 1967? Who was to blame for the mess, how de...

  • The Yom Kippur War: How Israel Turned the Tide

    Episode 7

    Outnumbered and unprepared, Israel incurred unexpected, heavy losses in the first three days of the war. The Egyptians pushed into the Sinai and the Syrians conquered the Golan Heights, closing in on Israel’s population centers. The possibility of Israel losing the war was becoming increasingly r...

  • The Full Story Behind Operation Finale

    Episode 8

    The capturing, trial, and execution of a Nazi criminal in 1962 had wide-ranging ramifications. Not only did it bring the events of the Holocaust into the open in an unprecedented way, but it was also the catalyst that helped a traumatized generation of survivors in Israel begin to talk about thei...

  • Israel's Covert Rescue Mission in Entebbe

    Episode 9

    While most people know the basics of the story, a daring rescue mission that saved the lives of most of the hostages, but took the life of legendary commander Yoni Netanyahu. Behind the scenes, Israel’s leaders were grappling with the question of whether or not to negotiate with the terrorists, w...

  • Operation Thunderbolt: Who gets the credit?

    Episode 10

    While Operation Thunderbolt has gone down as a defining moment of unity in Israeli history, the reality is somewhat different. At the time, there were serious disagreements between Israel’s leaders Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres about how to deal with terrorists. Who were the heroes of the Entebb...