Holy Blood

Holy Blood

4 Episodes

Memories, beliefs, legends and ancient myths are at the heart of persistent and cruel massacres in the Middle East. This is the story of the holy places where history stands still. The Temple Mount, Joseph’s Tomb, Rachel’s Tomb and The Cave of the Patriarchs: To this day these locations provoke the harshest of wars. They provide the headlines in the media of today and tomorrow and determine the agenda in the Middle East. This four-part series sheds new light on the ongoing bloody conflict characterized by hatred, mistrust and demonization of the other. Each chapter is based on authentic and extreme characters carefully selected to reflect a fragile and uncompromising situation.

This program may contain strong language and/or violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Year: 2014
Language: Hebrew, English subtitles
Director: Itzik Lerner
Producer: Shemi Shoenfeld

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Holy Blood
  • Holy Blood - Episode 1 - Joseph's Tomb

    Episode 1

    The Tomb of Joseph, the son of Jacob and Rachel Imeinu, is located on the outskirts of Nablus, near the Balata Refugee Camp. Within the complex lies also the tomb of the Muslim Sheikh Yusuf Dawiqat. The Jewish settlers turned the place into a synagogue claiming that this was the Tomb of Joseph. O...

  • Holy Blood - Episode 2 - The Ibrahimi Mosque & The Cave of the Patriarchs

    Episode 2

    The Cave of the Patriarchs is a spectacular monument from the time of Herod on the eastern side of Hebron. The cave is the burial place of the founders of the two nations, Prophet Ibrahim the Muslim and Abraham Avinu the Jew. The Cave of the Patriarchs is in a constant, unbearable and dangerous s...

  • Holy Blood - Episode 3 - The Temple Mount & The al-Aqsa Mosque

    Episode 3

    In the absence of the Temple and in order to instill tradition for all to see, the Temple Mount Faithful ensure that they will go to the complex, snatch a prayer in secret, bow down at the entrance to the Foundation Stone, thus causing provocation which inflames the Mount, and causes disturbances...

  • Holy Blood - Series Finale - Episode 4 - Rachel's Tomb

    Episode 4

    Rachel Imeinu's Tomb is located in Bethlehem; it is a kind of Israeli enclave within the Palestinian Authority. This is where Jacob's wife Rachel was buried. Jews and especially Jewish women see Rachel as the holiest Jewish mother, a mother on whose shoulder you can cry when looking for a suitabl...