1 season


    1 season

    "SUSPECT" is a captivating 5-episode thriller that takes viewers on an intense, high-stakes journey over the course of one harrowing day. The story revolves around a young, successful lawyer who finds herself caught in a web of danger and deceit. Faced with the imminent threat of a psychotic loan...


    "Screams Before Silence" is a compelling documentary produced by Kastina Communications, directed by Anat Stalinski, and featuring leadership by Sheryl Sandberg. Premiering globally on May 5th, 2024, on IZZY and available on YouTube and a dedicated website, the film brings to light the egregious ...


    1 season

    "FACTS" dives deep into the October 7th massacres and kidnappings in Israel, attributed to Hamas, and the subsequent Israel-Hamas conflict. Through ten compelling documentaries, the series explores the personal stories of bravery and trauma, offering insights into the harrowing events and the ind...

  • Unsilenced

    1 season

    A 6-episode drama, inspired by true events, surrounding the newly elected Israeli President. As he enters his role, he slowly develops a close relationship with OSHRAT, a young female worker at the presidential estate. Their relationship diverts into severe sexual assaults, to the point that Oshr...

    3 seasons


    3 seasons

    "Shtisel" unfolds the intricate tapestry of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem. Follow the Shtisel family's dynamics, where patriarch Shulem and his children, Akiva and Gitti, grapple with love, tradition, and personal desires. The series explores the tensions between faith...

  • The Chef
    1 season

    The Chef

    1 season

    Nimrod (42), lost his Hi-Tech job and has been unemployed for over a year. After yet another failed job interview, and desperate to provide for his family – he takes the first job he can get. And so, in his 40’s he finds himself on the bottom of the totem pole working as a prep cook in the kitche...

  • Who Died?
    1 season

    Who Died?

    1 season

    Being a new couple is challenging enough – learning to live with and love each other's idiosyncrasies – let alone when each person is also fighting for their own life.
    Eran is a recently-diagnosed and downtrodden single man, while Michal is a longtime cancer survivor, a woman who lives out loud a...

  • Just for Today

    1 season

    Anat is an idealistic young woman, who has just started a job as a social worker. She wants to help people who are down on their luck, and who simply need some human warmth and professional advice, though her naivety and lack of experience make her emotionally unprepared for what is to come. His ...

  • Under the Iron Dome

    1 season

    1 Season (3 Episodes)

    The untold story of why and how Israel engineered the world's most miraculous missile defense system, to shelter the brave citizens of Southern Israel when no solution was in sight.

    Year: 2020
    Language: Hebrew, English & Hebrew subtitles (use CC to activate)
    Director: Uri ...

    1 season


    1 season

    "Heroes" is a compelling and emotionally charged television series that delves into the heart-wrenching events of the October 7th massacre in southern Israel, executed by Hamas terrorists. Each episode, led by renowned journalist and documentarist Omri Assenheim, unfolds a story of courage and re...

  • Light Unto The Nations – IZZY Original

    1 season

    "Light Unto the Nations" is a riveting IZZY Original interview series that delves deep into Israel's profound role on the global stage. From its inception, Israel has aimed to be a beacon of innovation, culture, and humanitarianism. This series illuminates this mission through conversations with ...

  • Funny Monday - Stand-Up

    1 season

    Funny Monday is a hilarious, high-energy TV show that showcases the best of Israel's comedy scene, tailored for English-speaking viewers. Every week, charismatic hosts Shahar Hason and Yohay Sponder invite an eclectic mix of local comedians to share their most gut-busting stand-up routines.
    Tune ...

  • The Women's Balcony

    1 season

    "Fauda" star Tsahi Halevi joins the cast of the acclaimed hit movie "The Women’s Balcony" in a new series that moves the film’s story forward, revisiting the close-knit neighborhood of Jerusalem’s Bukharim Quarter. The quiet, warm-hearted community is under threat as ultra-Orthodox sects try to i...

  • Start-Up Confidential

    1 season

    Introducing 'Startup: Confidential' - Your backstage pass to the startup world's inner workings. Join Nimrod, a seasoned startup consultant, and his tech-savvy friend Jordan, as they candidly discuss the journeys of four groundbreaking startups: Jive Travel, Arbitrary Incidental, Explosive.io, an...

  • In-Laws — Yours or Mine?

    1 season

    Shani and Shai, married with children, attend family dinners every weekend at their respective parents' homes: Friday with her parents and Saturday with his. Every episode begins in the family car, on the ride over to Shani’s folks' place, and ends with the drive back home from Shai’s the followi...

  • When Shall We Kiss?

    1 season

    1 Season (13 Episodes)

    Shira (Adi Ezroni, "Prisoners of War") is a successful art director in an advertising agency. She is blonde, beautiful, intelligent and complicated like the rest of us. She just wants someone normal to share her life with. Yuval (Lior Ashkenazi, "Valley of Tears") is a flo...

  • Lioness of the Jordan Valley

    1 season

    1 Season (10 Episodes)

    Israel's eastern border just got a bit safer with the Lionesses around! A 10-episode series that digs into one of the IDF’s newest mixed-gender combat units. What happens behind the scenes and along the Jordan Valley border, when female soldiers are now in charge of protec...

  • The Seam Line – IZZY Original

    1 season

    Avi Melamed - a fourth-generation Jerusalemite Jew, former intelligence official, fluent Arab speaker, and host of The Seam Line, was at the epicenter of the deadly storm that swept through Jerusalem. As the Advisor on Arab Affairs to two Mayors of Jerusalem during the intifada, his mission was t...

  • Rescue Bus 300

    From the director of "Fauda" comes an intense docu-drama based on the 1984 hijacking of bus line 300 in Israel, in which 41 passengers and a bus driver were attacked and held captive by terrorists.

    This program may contain strong language and/or violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Year: 201...

  • Sabena Hijacking

    From the writer of "Fauda" comes this intense docu-drama based on the events of May 8, 1972, when four hijackers from the Palestinian organization "Black September" took control of a Sabena commercial airliner from Brussels to Tel Aviv.

    This program may contain strong language and/or violence. V...

  • Ben-Gurion, Epilogue

    This film brings to life a lost interview with one of modern history's greatest leaders, David Ben-Gurion. It is 1968, he is 82 and lives in the desert. Ben-Gurion's introspective soul-searching provides a surprising vision for crucial decisions Israel needs to make today. At the time of the glob...

  • What a Bachelor Needs

    1 season

    Experience the magic of love and romance in "What a Bachelor Needs", a heartwarming six-episode Israeli television series written and directed by Irit Linor. Based on Jane Austen's classic novel "Pride and Prejudice", this modern-day adaptation follows the story of Alona Sade, a divorced B&B owne...

  • Muna
    1 season


    1 season

    1 Season (8 Episodes)

    An intriguing drama based on controversial true events, "Muna" follows the story of a successful and free-spirited Arab-Israeli photographer. Together with her Israeli boyfriend and her best friend, Muna has created a life for herself in Tel Aviv, far from the Arab village ...

  • Golda

    Shortly before her passing, Golda Meir was interviewed for Israeli television. After the shooting ended the cameras kept rolling, recording an intimate talk with the first and only woman to ever rule Israel. As she lit one cigarette off the other, Golda spoke freely, pleading her case for her ter...