3 Episodes

1 Season (3 Episodes)

A series which enables the Ultra-Orthodox community to tell its own story, of its efforts to face the challenges and influences of a Jewish secular state and the modern, western culture that threatens to engulf them. Each of the three films offers an intimate meeting with characters involved in the delicate attempt to find the line between differentiation and integration.

Year: 2010
Languages: Hebrew & Yiddish, English & Hebrew subtitles
Directors: Ron Ofer, Dr. Yohai Hakak
Producer: Itay Ken-Tor - Belfilms

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  • HAREDIM - Episode 1 - Gevald!

    Episode 1

    As a young Haredi boy, Shmuel-Haim Pappenhym knew he must cover his eyes during Independence Day fireworks so as not to participate in "Zionist celebrations". Today, as a radical Ultra-Orthodox leader, he organizes mass demonstrations against the State of Israel. He is also the editor of an influ...

  • HAREDIM - Episode 2 - The Rabbi's Daughter & The Midwife

    Episode 2

    Adina Bar-Shalom, the daughter of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, established the first tertiary college for Haredi women. Rachel Chalkowski, nurse and midwife, creates a charitable foundation to help Haredi women with the burden of raising large families in poverty while their husbands dedicate themselves ...

  • HAREDIM - Finale - Episode 3 - Religion.com

    Episode 3

    At his advertising agency in Bnei-Brak, Yigal Revach is encircled by Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox Jewish) men and women in the midst of a brainstorming session. In his youth, Yigal aspired to become a religious sage. Today he is trying to initiate an Internet service that if approved by the Rabbis, wil...