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Watch this video and more on IZZY – Stream Israel

Allenby - Episode 1



  • What a Bachelor Needs - Episode 1

    When Nimrod Artzi, a young and affluent scion of a notable family, arrives at Alona's guesthouses accompanied by his sister and friends, their initial encounters are fraught with tension and antipathy. However, amidst the picturesque backdrop, their interactions gradually give rise to a profound ...

  • One on One - Episode 1 - Mom's Back

    Motti and his siblings face the death of their mother while struggling with the fact that the oldest son is relocating to the states and urges Motti to get back in touch with their father. While his family is falling apart, he needs new students to tutor, and also some love won't hurt – so he sta...

  • Muna - Episode 1 - Highs and Lows

    Against the backdrop of another round of tensions in Gaza, Muna is selected to present her works at an exhibition in Paris but receives a cold shoulder from her father and insults from the "talk-backists". Even her two lovers fail to comfort her.

    This program may contain strong language, nudity,...